Craft House 06.10.2017

NOVINKA First Order Brewing JE SUIS MOSAIC Hoppy Saison a 5 (!!!) infúzovaných ovocných prototypů:

Je Suis Exotique (mango)
Je Suis Framboise (maliny)
Je Suis Abricot (meruňky)
Je Suis Myrtille (borůvky)
Je Suis Cerise (višně)

Od každého druhu je pouze jeden sud!

Meet Je Suis Mosaic Hoppy Saison, another hoppy saison in First Order Brewing Je Suis series. This time with Mosaic hops, which are quite complex in its profile. It may be most noted for its “blueberry” or “berry medley” aromas. But you can also find mango, stone fruit, rosy or floral, bubblegum, tropical, citrus, grassy, pine, earthy, herbal, spice notes — Mosaic lives up to its name well!

Guys from First Order Brewing also made some experimental fruit infusions to sell exclusively at Craft House Prague, with mango, raspberries, apricots, blueberries and cherries, 5 different barrels.